San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico (Rich Port) has a lot more to offer than just Sun and Sand. It is home to 3 of the 5 bioluminescent bays in the world, old Spanish forts, the only tropical rainforest in the US National Park System, golf courses and of pristine beaches. It is the 4th largest island of the Caribbean.

The local climate is tropical year around with temperature ranging from 80-95 degrees F.
The official currency is the US Dollar and no passport or visa is required for US Citizens or legal residents. The principal language is Spanish but English is widely spoken in most areas.



For location reference, look for the restaurant number on the map.



For location reference, look for the shop number on the map.

1. Len-T-Juela

2. Electroshock

3. Gemileo

4. Sixne Concept Store

5. Nude

6. Playero Surf Shop


For location reference, look for the club number on the map.

1. Piso Viejo

2. Funky Nightclub

3. El Bar Bero

4. Industry Nightclub

5. La Coctelera

6. Tántalo

7. Murphy’s Law Iris Pub


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To book for any of our tours just add it at check out with your hotel reservation or give us a call to reserve.

Tour Santurce’s Art & Food Scene

Available: Tuesday - Saturday  • $55.00 per person

For the art & food lovers out there, we will make our way to Santurce's Art District & engage with all the local murals and learn about them and the story behind them. After this we will make our way to Patio de Solé, a space that is reborn from urban art and represents our history and culture throughout food and street art and then we will end in a local donut shop! All with a local guide!

Rainforest Tour

Available: Monday - Sunday • $89 per person

Take a guided hike up to a majestic watering hole where the water is full with skin softening materials. A natural waterslide awaits and so do rope swings for an exhilarating jumps. This path is only known for locals, so we will explore as ones too.


Waterfall Tour

Available: Monday - Sunday • $99 per person

Enjoy a scenic drive to the North West side of the island, go up mountains and end up in a breathtaking waterfall. There are 2 different waterfalls to go to and even a tiny underwater cave.


Gilligans Island

Available: Monday - Sunday • $119 per person

Scenic route to the South West where we board a boat that takes us to Gilligan's Island. A mangrove island that has a “lazy river” canal on one side and on the other side plenty of sea life to view as you snorkel through.