San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Our space

A family of long-time Ocean Park residents took on the task of constructing a thirteen (13) room guesthouse, oriented to the family and group traveling market.

Located on McLeary Street, the principal artery bordering this coastal capital sector, the Inn is conveniently located between the tourist zones of El Condado and Isla Verde (with it’s international airport) where eateries abound and public transportation is close by. It is also privileged with proximity to a superb beach, only a three (3) minute walk thru the San Juan’s premier residential community.

Designed by Arq. José R. Coleman-Davis Pagán whose extensive work with historic structures and vernacular buildings has greatly influenced past and current contemporary work and seeks originality in all projects, while maintaining the sound footing of Puerto Rico’s tropical milieu and rich culture.The Caribbean context enlightens his projects; buildings are designed on the premise that to become truly Modern one must first reconcile with the past.

Dream Inn’s tropical modern-minimalist architectural design, emphasizes surface textures and artisan craftsmanship. The frontal and East facing facades – with its red -tinted concrete referencing traditional architectural filigrees – act as permeable membranes that filter air and sunlight and at the same time buffers outside sound.

This delicate geometry – reduced to simple pre-cast concrete members following a calculated pattern – creates an interesting light and shadow interchange.
The rooms are efficiently accommodated on two (2) main levels oriented to the north and south sides. They are equally separated by a central corridor that allow natural lighting and ventilation to enter the structure. All levels are reachable by way of a carefully articulated stair and accessible by elevator. The key perimeter patios are defined by exposed-textured concrete walls and become sensible extensions of the interior areas, a linear pool enhances the rear terrace. The roof terrace serves as a sundeck and a semi-covered observatory for attractive views of the mountains (to the southeast), the beach (to the north) and the rest of the low-density neighborhood.

Environmentally responsible building technologies have been implemented, such as rainwater collection/distribution system, vacuum-tube solar water heater and LED lighting.