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Puerto Rico (Rich Port) has a lot more to offer than just Sun and Sand. It is home to 3 of the 5 bioluminescent bays in the world, the first Spanish city founded in the Americas, the only tropical rainforest in the US National Park System, golf courses, pristine beaches, caves and a lot more. It is the 4th largest island of the Caribbean.

The local climate is tropical year around with temperature ranging from 80-95 degrees F. .


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Santurce’s Art & Food Tour

Enjoy a walk through Santurce’s Art District and embark on a colorful journey. The tour includes a nice & heavy PuertoRican lunch.
Can be booked: Tuesday - Saturday
Pick-Up is 12pm & Drop-Off is 3pm
Cost Pp: $65.00

Rainforest Tour

Leave the city behind and enjoy a day immersed in nature. Take a guided hike up to a majestic water fall, rivers with natural slides and rope swinging, swim in water holes and fill your skin up with natural softening minerals.
Can be booked: Any Day
Pick-Up is 9AM & Drop-Off is 4pm
Cost per person is: $90.00 

Waterfall Tour

Enjoy a scenic drive to the north west side of the island, go up mountain hiking and end up in a breathtaking waterfalls. There 2 different waterfalls to go to and even a tiny underwater
Can be booked: Any Day 
Pick-Up is 9AM & Drop-Off is 5pm
Cost per person is: $120.00

Gilligan’s Island

Take a scenic route to the south west where you'll board a boat that takes you to Gilligan's Island. A mangrove island that has a lazy river canal on one side and on the other plenty of sea life to view as you snorkel through.
Can be booked: Tuesday - Sunday
Pick-Up is 9AM & Drop-Off is 6pm
Cost per person is: $140.00

Off The Beaten Path Combo

After spending a half day at El Yunque Rainforest you'll head towards Las Croabas. Here you'll embark on a truly magical experience kayaking through the mangroves channels to experience the glowing fluorescent of a microscopic organism.
Can be booked: Any Day
Pick-Up is 9AM & Drop-Off is 4pm
Cost per person is: $150.00

Let’s Ride The Wave

Enjoy a group lesson of how-to-surf and then embark on your own to try to learn it. 
Can be booked: Any Day
Pick-Up & Drop-Off is: depending on the time you would like to schedule. 
Cost per person is: $55.00 

Piñones Tour

Enjoy a scenic drive through Isla Verde & Condado(2 mayor touristic zones) then head over to Piñones where you can experience a gorgeous boardwalk along the coast, a mini rainforest and the famous kiosk that serve traditional seafood or fried bites.
Can be booked: Any Day
Pick-Up & Drop-Off: depending on the time you would like to schedule.
Cost per person: $50.00

Pork Highway & Ponce Tour

Visit the world famous Pork Highway for a traditional meal. Then head over to our second oldest city, Ponce, to visit all the places it has to offer. From the oldest Fire-Men Station to the famous Museum & Castle. Enjoy this scenic & gorgeous drive to the south side of the island.
Can be booked: Any Day
Pick-Up & Drop-Off: Can be scheduled to your liking
Cost per person: $120.00


All of the tours offered by Dream Inn are subject to availability. Tours can be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances out of our hands. Dream Inn is not liable for injuries or accidents during any of these tours.